Hello, I am DJ Sir Mookie. I kick your ass all over the dance floor. DEAL WITH IT.

I play music to make people dance and enjoy their night. I don't scratch or beat match or do tricks. I just watch the crowd and play stuff they like. They get stoked, I get stoked. It's pretty effin' fun, you know?

I usually don't take requests, cuz most of the time it's like "Can you play some Akon? Can you play some Skrillex? Can you play some Kanye?" And like, ok, I dig all sorts of music, I listen to a lot of new stuff on the radio. But when I DJ, I know what is really fun, and 90% of the time, I'm right. So I just do my thing. It works out for the best for everyone. Trust me.

Here are some of my latest DJ sets for your listening pleasure. Some of them start and end rather suddenly because, well, I forget to press the record button and then I have to shut shit down in a hurry when the bar manager is drunk. Such is life.

DJ Sir Mookie - 16 March 2012 - Bar 107 | 125MB / 1hr 48min

DJ Sir Mookie - 2 March 2012 - Bar 107 | 117MB / 2hr 3min

DJ Sir Mookie - 17 February 2012 - Bar 107 | 110MB / 2hr 0min

DJ Sir Mookie - 20 January 2012 - Bar 107 | 201MB / 3hr 39min

DJ Sir Mookie - 29 December 2011 - Bar 107 | 188MB / 3hr 25min

DJ Sir Mookie's Birthday Party - 13 April 2013 - La Cita | 211MB / 3hr 40min

More to come!